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As a registered charity there is no need for us to register under the Data Protection Act on the understanding that personal information is only used to establish, maintain or support our members and other regular contacts. However, we wish to clarify how members’ data will be used.


Members’ data is only used for the following purposes:

  1. The maintenance and renewal of Andover Music Club membership.

  2. Advice to members of any exceptional information regarding the concert series or AGM using whatever method is deemed most appropriate (post, email or telephone).

  3. Passing of information to HMRC (HM Revenues & Customs) for the processing of Gift Aid donations.

  4. Responses to legitimate demands from civil authorities acting legally.

  5. Passing on related information from like-minded third parties providing that the third party has no direct access to the personal information.


We will only consider passing on information from a third party if this was relevant and from a like-minded organisation; such as a local concert being organised by, or for, a charity. However, we would only do this if the third party provided all relevant materials to us so that:

  1. We do not incur any costs

  2. The third party has no direct access to members’ personal information

This can be achieved by the third party providing a sufficient number of pre-paid envelopes, the advertising material already enveloped but unsealed and sufficient labels to print the address information, with the final mail-shot being physically posted by an Andover Music Club committee member. Where possible; the mail-shot will include information assuring members that this item has been sent via the Andover Music Club without the third party gaining any access to members’ personal information.


The privacy of members’ information is important to us and the above should resolve any issues members may have. If members do have any further questions they should forward them to the Chairman or Membership Secretary.

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